Meet Sydney

Hello! This is the journey of a Texas gal making her way through a green world. I’ve always tried to find greener options for things I use in everyday life, but sometimes it can be a challenge. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to see that there are greener and cleaner options to fit into your own routine.

Fun Facts!

  • 2010 Graduate of TCU with a degree in Film-Television-Digital Media; Member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority
  • 3 of the 4 animals living at my parent’s house are ones that I rescued and brought home! Sorry mom & dad!
  • I love great TV! Currently obsessed with: Top Chef, Glee, Weeds, True Blood and The Big Bang Theory. If you haven’t seen The Big Bang Theory, you have to check it out! Nerd chic is totally in
  • Reading the book Skinny Bitch convinced me to go vegetarian for 4 years. I’m slowly eating organic chicken again, but this too shall pass. ha
  • Summer is my favorite season, probably because my birthday is thrown in there. But when fall arrives, I’m somehow always completely ready for it
  • The only living organisms I truly hate with a passion are mosquitos. They can all go burn and disappear. Oh, and Boise State fans.
  • I’m obsessed with traveling. I enjoy looking on the Jetsetter website just to to plot imaginary vacations just in case I ever win the lottery.
  • My passion for ‘green’ products started because of my objection towards testing on animals. From there, I learned about the crap and chemicals found in our products and food. And voila, The Green Tex was born! Hope you enjoy!
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