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Happy New Year!

5 Jan

Hello fabulous Green Tex readers! I hope that you had a great holiday season! I’m finally back to blogging after quite the hiatus– sorry about that!

In November, I finally caught a stroke of luck in the search for a job when I landed two jobs! The first is at Chapman Design, an interior design company in Houston founded by Cathy Chapman. My job entails creating her brand new website, making look books, scheduling professional photo sessions of her work and things of that nature. I love being in such a fun enviornment– our office is filled with beautiful furniture, fabric samples, custom-made upholstered items and all sorts of other goodies. And with it being such a small company and office, I’m often sent out on installs, deliveries and measuring which is fun! There are some gorgeous houses in Houston!

My second job is at Anthropologie, one of my favorite stores! I love being in the store and seeing everything it has to offer! We have our own visual team that creates the entire unique look and set-up we have! Their office in the back is like one giant arts & crafts room… it’s pretty amazing. One of the best parts is the people who work there though– Almost everyone is young and a recent college grad looking for a full-time job. We have great clothes, with new shipments coming in all the time and I love our home section… I definitely plan on decorating my future apartment with alllllllll anthropologieeee! Just like my wardrobe has turned into allll anthroo!

Needless to say, things got real busy real quick, especially with the holiday season wrapped in the middle of it all! But I’ve missed blogging and sharing great news stories and ideas on how easy it is to be green, so I’m excited to say that I’m offically back! Expect some great stuff coming soon!