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Summer Essentials!

8 Jul

Hope y’all are having a great summer! I’m embarrassed by my lack of blogging lately, but summer is my favorite time of year and I try to spend most of my time outside! But here’s a few of my favorite things for summer, all green and eco-friendly of course! Enjoy this beautiful weekend!My Eco-Friendly Summer Essentials


Some Closet Inspiration!

16 Apr

Happy Saturday Everyone! I saw this  post and it has officially inspired me to start spring cleaning. I mean, who doesn’t want a closet to look that amazing?! Enjoy!

Check out the entire article from Lucky Mag, here! And if you finish this project with some clothes you’d like to give away, visit Salvation Army’s website to find a donation center near you.


15 Sep

Mmm shoes… we love shoes! Although these aren’t high glamour, toms has become one of the biggest brands out there with their canvas slip-ons and their one-for-one project. For every pair of shoes bought, toms gives a pair of shoes to children in need. By wearing shoes, these children avoid diseases transferred from the soil, cuts, bruises, and it allows them the opportunity to go to school since shoes are required as part of their uniform.

This month, Toms is hoping to reach their goal of giving away its One Millionth Pair of shoes! All styles are reasonably priced in the $60 range, they’re comfy, durable and can be found at Below are some of our favorite picks!

Specially designed by Gabe Lacktman.. so pretty!

Bright red/orange perforated nylon... throwback!

blue sumatra vegan- such a cool print

can't get enough of this calypso wedge!