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Pretty & Polished

14 Nov

Nail polish is one of the best ways to instantly have a little ‘pick-me-up’. But whether you go to the nail salon or do your nails at home, that toxic chemical smell coming from the polish and remover is overbearing. So get rid of most of the chemicals with all these nail polishes & removers that are “three-free”. This means that they are free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB) and formaldehyde— all which are known carcinogenic ingredients. Getting rid of cancer-causing chemicals that are hard to pronounce? Total benefit!


Priti broke down what these nasty chemicals are:

TOLUENE which causes rapid, shallow breathing, chemical pneumonia, blurred vision,  dry, cracked skin, and drowsiness also effects the kidneys and the nervous system.  It may also cause an exaggerated feeling of well-being, headache, staggering tremors, and convulsions.
FORMALDEHYDE is a strong allergen and irritant to which humans have a very low odor threshold, also a known carcinogen.  It increases airway resistance when inhaled, probably because of local irritation and release of inflammatory mediators.  Additionally, formaldehyde is a strong contact allergen.  Acute and chronic dermatitis was once a common complaint in the beauty parlor industry because of using formaldehyde in fingernail finishes.
DIBUTYL PHTHALATE (DBP) is linked to reproduction system problems and underdeveloped genitals in newborn boys.


One-word summary? YUCK! Go for some clean and three-free polish. Not only will we make a safer, chemical-free environment for ourselves and salon workers, but we will also be doing a favor to pregnant women who are having boys. ENJOY!



Zoya (Vegan, Cruelty Free) $7

  • Zoya is the product of pregnant aesthetician and her chemical engineer hubby. After being exposed the smell of chemicals all day long, Zoya decided she wanted to use products without all the harsh ingredients. Together with her husband, they created the first line of vegan, cruelty-free and three-free nail polishes. Did we mention they’re very reasonable priced as well?

Zoya- Julieanne... such a pretty deep purple! Perfect for TCU games 🙂

Zoya- Veruschuka. A deep green matte color. The true meaning of green polish!

Zoya- Ibiza. Deep/dark blue. LOVES!

Zoya Remover, $10. Flip-top so you won't spill. Three-free and cruelty free!



Priti (Vegan, Cruelty Free, Organic Ingredients) $12.50

  • Another nail polish brand started by a pregnant woman, Priti became an emerging leader in luxury and eco-friendly nail polish. The company’s mission is: “to support organic farmers and todecrease the amount of chemicals poisoning the earth- and it’s inhabitants-one manicure at a time.” You can find out more about the company and their green initiatives here. Priti also has a recycling program for salon’s old nail polish. How awesome is that? Other favorites below.


MUST HAVE: Priti Soy Remover, 4oz for $22. 100% Biodegradable, Non-Toxic and Non Carcinogenic.

Priti Cooksbridge Giant Orchid



Deborah Lippman (Three-Free and No Animal Testing) $16- $20

  • Deborah Lippman’s nail lacquer collection is like the go-to for celebs. About half of her nail polishes were created for celebs, so they’re obviously going to bring the glam. She’s the queen of sparkle and everything pretty. Celeb’s she’s worked with? SJP, Mary J Blige, Kelly Ripa, the diva herself Mariah Carey, Rene Zellweger, Pat Benatar and designer Zac Posen to name a few.


Across the Universe, $18

Bad Romance, $18

Don't Tell Momma, $16. Mood altering color between blue & green!



OPI (Three-Free and No Animal Testing) About $8

  • Since 2006, OPI changed their nail polish formulas to be three-free, which I’m happy to hear because my nail polish drawer is full of OPI! They also don’t test on animals, and are always releasing new colors so you can spice things up!

OPI Bubble Bath- the perfect balance of pink & nude!


OPI Eiffel For This Color- Not quite as dark as 'Linkin Park After Dark' with purple and burgundy colors

OPI Elephantastic Pink- LOVE this color for the summer!

OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress. Deep, shimmery red-- perfect for the holiday season!



Spa Ritual (Three-Free & No Animal Testing)

  • If my world revolved around nail polish, the Spa Ritual’s Quick Dry Topcoat would be a life changer! I’ve used tons of different topcoats that seem to never dry, goop up, chip, and basically not get the job done. But this top coats dries my nails quickly, leaves them super shiny, and keeps my nail polish on (and chip-free) for days on end. Its worth the money, especially since the bottle lasts a long time!


Spa Ritual- Quick Dry Topcoat, $15



Great 3-Free polishes that can be found at the drug store? Revlon & Sally Hansen!


  • Although it bewilders us that Revlon doesn’t brag about banning animal testing throughout the company and having a nail polish line that is three-free, that seems to be the case. Besides being green with their products, Revlon is also easy to find at drugstores and is very reasonably priced.

Sally Hansen

  • Sally Hansen has started marking three-free nail polish, and according to their website they do not test on animals. They carry a must-have color for the military trend: charcoal!

Commander in Chic, $7


The National Healthy Nail Salon Alliance (yes– this really does exists) has created its own little wallet guide for you to print out and stick in your purse so that you never have questions about which brands are toxic, and which are three-free. It’s way too easy not to print out. So stick that sucker in your purse and never go to the salon without it!


Three-Free Nail Polish Guide

And if you’re curious if the above brands are cruelty free, check out the “Be Nice to Bunnies” app from PETA. Search by Product –> Nail Care –> Nail Polish, and then a list of cruelty free brands will appear.