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in love with… BOBBI BROWN!!

28 Sep

Makeup should be FUN! The days of grabbing makeup from Walgreens because it comes in a pretty bottle or because it’s a beautiful color in the packaging– these days are long gone! Too much hassle, disappointment, frustration over not being able to try it on or return it! The odds that a Maybelline or L’Oreal product will look as good on me as it does on their models is slim to none. Plus, these companies still use the outdated practice of testing on animals. Poor innocent bunnies get products thrown in their eyes, mouths, etc just to see its reaction. Mind you, the ENTIRE beauty industry knows the reactions to ingredients, because the results have been out there for years. Why they still continue to kill harmless furry friends is a mystery. So take your $$ elsewhere, for makeup and products that WORK and to companies that care about it’s moral ethics. For these reasons, I’ve turned to a makeup brand that has been a powerful figure in the industry since I even started wearing makeup– and her name is Bobbi Brown!

Beautiful Bobbi herself

to-die-for professional BB makeup kit. this is beyond

Bobbi Brown is the definition of a self-started. She started her beauty brand with a line of 10 lipsticks that sold at Bergdorf Goodman that all had brown undertones. The response was enormous, and two years later she debuted her line of foundation sticks that have yellow undertones. (The reason for yellow is that it balances out the natural pink found in a person’s skin, while other foundation formulas have pink undertones that enhance, rather than blend, the pink). She went onto skin care, gel eyeliner, beauty books, TV segments, store’s worldwide and an online store.

The reason I keep using Bobbi Brown is not only for her skin and makeup products that work and look fantastic, but also for her dedication to keeping her products safe and clean.

Bobbi’s products:

  • Have not been tested on animals
  • Do not contain sulfates
  • Do not contain parabens
  • Do not contain hydrogenated oils

While I know Bobbi Brown runs on the pricey side, this post is to simply put the idea out there that the money you spend on beauty products acts as a vote for the quality and care you want in a cosmetics company. It’s taken years to build my makeup collection– first starting with a brush set, then buying shadows/blushes one by one to fill my palette, a moisturizer here, a concealer there… I’ve even gotten on the BB e-mail list to know when I can get discounts, free items and all that good stuff! Take a little to time to research the products your using, and feel good about nixing the animal testing and chemicals. Below are my favorite BB items! Enjoy!

Basic Brush Collection-- Great starter kit with the basic brushes you'll use everyday! $175

Creamy Concealer Kit-- don't leave home without it! Seriously, this works wonders! And the powder underneath sets it in place! $32

In the mood to splurge? This Intense Hydrating Face Cream is beyond fantastic! It's as if it repairs my dry skin overnight, $58

BB's first original 10 lipsticks.. classic! Lip Color, $22

Life changer! This gel eyeliner stays put all day long.. I love the black mauve shimmer ink color! $21

This BB Illuminating Bronzing Powder is beautiful bronzy blush-- love the Antigua color! $33

this is my FAVORITE makeup book! I could read it 100 times and still find something new! Lots of great tips, advice, step-by-step application! $32

my own makeup drawer-- shamelessly full of BB. Price= ridiculous

My favorite palette with colors (starting top left & going clockwise): Navajo, Nectar blush, Caviar eyeshadow for lining & Ash. Right is the new Black Velvet eyeshadow.. so pretty for a night out! Palette $10, Eye Shadows $20 each, Blush $22. Sparkle Eye Shadow $24

BB doing what she does, best! Getting your makeup done by Bobbi = Priceless

One of my favorite quotes from Bobbi, on what her idea of beauty is: “When you accept and feel good about who you are, that’s when you are at your most beautiful.”

**Editor’s Note: Parallel Universe post will be coming soon– will include high quality, green and clean makeup but at a lower price than BB… stay tuned!