Guy Grooming– Tested & Approved

5 Mar

Getting guys to take care of their skin can be as tough as trying to put mittens on kittens (It’s Always Sunny anyone?!). But after many nights of research and some actual product testing (only on my boyfriend Ray, not on any pets) it’s possible that Green Tex has found some seriously stellar- and green- products that will not only make a guy enjoy taking care of his skin, but also help give him a beautiful complexion! So pass this post on to your boy friends, guy friends, home boys, papas, brothers or even Justin Beiber wannabes, cause they’ll want to read it!

This post is important because men’s skin may require some extra gentleness. Most men, unlike women, do not put their face through the routine of makeup everyday so their skin is a little more sensitive and requires some extra TLC. Their face is also not used to having globs of lotion slathered on, so the actual process of having a ‘de-puffing’ eye cream put around their eyes can actually bring them to tears!

Like it or not, guys are used to having their skin irritated due to the massive amounts of chemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes and fragrances in typical products like Axe, Old Spice, Head & Shoulders, and all of the other crappy products out there. Time to toss out those old products and try some of these great skin friendly products listed below that are formulated without all of the junk! As always, none of these products are tested on animals, and oh ya they actually work! Enjoy!

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave, $16

The product that started it all! For a new internship, Ray had to lose the grizzly beard and actually shave every morning “like a big boy”. He tried the Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave at a friend’s house and actually raved about it (discussing beauty products is not usually part of our everyday convos!). Can be found at Sephora.

Jack Black All-Over Wash, $15. Face, hair and body, all taken care of with one product!

Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub, $18. Great for guys with alligator or dull skin. Also helps with ingrown hairs in the beard area!

Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20, $27

What’s better than a product working double duty? SPF for sun protection (and wrinkle/age spot prevention for down the road) and a moisturizer! Don’t believe the buzz on these Jack Black Products? Read the comments on each product– they speak for themselves!

Burt's Bees Medicated Lip Balm, $3. Let's be honest, this stuff ROCKS! It works wonder and leaves your lips with a slight tingle so you know its working.

Method Marine Naturals Refreshing Body Wash, $6.50. I know I've mentioned this before, but this body wash is fav for guys, especially the marine naturals scent!

Avalon Organics Peppermint Lotion, $12. Great lotion and can be found at the grocery store!

Burt’s Bees, Avalon Organics & Method Body was can all be found at most grocery stores! Method’s full line is also sold at Target.


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